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Case No.Case Docket#CountySale DateProperty AddressProperty CSZDeed of Trust Book/PageBid AmountDeficiency
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12181302017-CP-08-01804Berkeley, SC8/1/20181382 Russellville RoadSaint Stephen, SC 294792363 / 591bid not available yetWaived
12211222017-CP-08-01942Berkeley, SC8/1/2018105 Netherfield DriveSummerville, SC 29486Volume 7295 / 330bid not available yetWaived
11779482016-CP-08-00592Berkeley, SC8/1/2018IS 6 Old Highway 6Cross, SC 29436Volume 6156 / 124bid not available yetWaived
12356132018-CP-02-00587Aiken, SC8/6/2018218 Union Street NortheastAiken, SC 29801RB 4006 / 2314bid not available yetWaived
12373262018-CP-02-00662Aiken, SC8/6/2018137 Kildare DriveNorth Augusta, SC 29860Volume 3848 / 258bid not available yetWaived
12147082017-CP-02-02037Aiken, SC8/6/2018276 Riverbend DriveBeech Island, SC 29842Volume 2248 / 38bid not available yetWaived
12276062017-CP-02-02792Aiken, SC8/6/2018724 Brucewood Street NWAiken, SC 29801RB 4631 / 1663bid not available yetWaived
12299802017-CP-06-00500Barnwell, SC8/6/2018739 Hagood AvenueBarnwell, SC 29812Volume 1063 / 264bid not available yetWaived
12190712017-CP-11-00706Cherokee, SC8/6/2018107 Lancaster DriveBlacksburg, SC 29702896 / 129bid not available yetRequested
12308772018-CP-16-00170Darlington, SC8/6/20181229 Knollwood DriveHartsville, SC 295501077 / 5554bid not available yetWaived
12149742017-CP-19-00190Edgefield, SC8/6/2018330 Wigfall StreetEdgefield, SC 298241058 / 261bid not available yetWaived
12266752017-CP-20-00482Fairfield, SC8/6/2018767 Fairfield Hill RoadBlackstock, SC 290141163 / 119bid not available yetRequested
12338602018-CP-20-00078Fairfield, SC8/6/20184558 US Highway 321 SouthWinnsboro, SC 291801179 / 134bid not available yetWaived
12160842017-CP-22-00672Georgetown, SC8/6/20181687 Petigru DrivePawleys Island, SC 295752685 / 1bid not available yetWaived
11888942016-CP-23-01284Greenville, SC8/6/2018178 Faris CircleGreenville, SC 296054145 / 805bid not available yetWaived
12284972017-CP-23-08080Greenville, SC8/6/2018224 Covington RoadGreenville, SC 29617MO 5276 / 4272bid not available yetWaived
12285192017-CP-23-07814Greenville, SC8/6/201816 Overcup CourtGreer, SC 29650MO 5382 / 5296bid not available yetWaived
12247922017-CP-23-06282Greenville, SC8/6/2018125 Treaty Point DriveFountain Inn, SC 29644MO 4716 / 317bid not available yetRequested
12253202017-CP-23-06519Greenville, SC8/6/2018120 Ramapo CourtSimpsonville, SC 29681MO 5242 / 1550bid not available yetWaived
12257022018-CP-23-01817Greenville, SC8/6/20181008 Davenport RoadSimpsonville, SC 296804034 / 337bid not available yetWaived
12339252018-CP-23-01122Greenville, SC8/6/2018458 Woodville RoadPelzer, SC 296694103 / 1787bid not available yetWaived
11785352016-CP-26-07525Horry, SC8/6/20184601 Eyerly StreetNorth Myrtle Beach, SC 295823796 / 2198bid not available yetWaived
11836122016-CP-26-04432Horry, SC8/6/2018326 13th Avenue SSurfside Beach, SC 295754936 / 1913bid not available yetRequested
12057232017-CP-26-08218Horry, SC8/6/20182005 Greens BoulevardMyrtle Beach, SC 295774769 / 1101bid not available yetWaived
12274612017-CP-26-07494Horry, SC8/6/20187530 Veneto CourtMyrtle Beach, SC 295773279 / 0741bid not available yetWaived
12310142018-CP-28-00116Kershaw, SC8/6/20181337 Sunnyhill DriveCamden, SC 29020Volume 3157 / 303bid not available yetRequested
12317022018-CP-28-00387Kershaw, SC8/6/2018189 Shefield DriveElgin, SC 290452038 / 75bid not available yetWaived
12402972018-CP-29-00504Lancaster, SC8/6/20181905 Tara TrailLancaster, SC 297203207 / 182bid not available yetWaived
12257152017-CP-29-01122Lancaster, SC8/6/20181544 Small StreetLancaster, SC 2972001231 / 00340bid not available yetWaived
12348952018-CP-30-00172Laurens, SC8/6/2018217 Chalet DriveGray Court, SC 296451205 / 46bid not available yetRequested
12288852018-CP-32-00072Lexington, SC8/6/2018512 Long Pine RoadChapin, SC 290367378 / 321bid not available yetRequested
12300012018-CP-32-00006Lexington, SC8/6/2018212 Condor RouteLexington, SC 2907310911 / 258bid not available yetWaived
12301672018-CP-32-00177Lexington, SC8/6/2018429 Shag Bark TrailLexington, SC 290736842 / 96bid not available yetWaived
12320932018-CP-32-00920Lexington, SC8/6/2018176 Ashton CircleLexington, SC 2907310577 / 10bid not available yetWaived
12074632017-CP-32-01929Lexington, SC8/6/2018613 Fallaw RoadGaston, SC 290539882 / 115bid not available yetWaived
11935592016-CP-32-03410Lexington, SC8/6/2018265 Arthurdale DriveWest Columbia, SC 2917016013 / 231bid not available yetWaived
12250182018-CP-32-00019Lexington, SC8/6/20183602 Harrogate RoadColumbia, SC 292109274 / 51bid not available yetWaived
12259362017-CP-32-04617Lexington, SC8/6/2018124 Bentgrass LaneGaston, SC 2905314826 / 85bid not available yetRequested
12228532015-CP-32-03239Lexington, SC8/6/2018140 Shumpert Mill RoadPelion, SC 2912313153 / 261bid not available yetRequested
11829682012-CP-38-01196Orangeburg, SC8/6/2018144 Bethlehem RoadHolly Hill, SC 290591206 / 159bid not available yetWaived
12351202018-CP-38-00253Orangeburg, SC8/6/2018113 Green Acres CourtCordova, SC 290392341 / 39bid not available yetRequested
12350932018-CP-39-00328Pickens, SC8/6/2018334 Stewart RoadSix Mile, SC 29682M1370 / 00308bid not available yetWaived
12308752018-CP-39-00155Pickens, SC8/6/2018106 Timmerman CourtEasley, SC 296423989 / 27bid not available yetWaived
12307982018-CP-39-00146Pickens, SC8/6/2018252 Earle RoadCentral, SC 296304052 / 283bid not available yetWaived
12313462018-CP-42-00171Spartanburg, SC8/6/20181480 Lake Bowen Dam RoadInman, SC 293494094 / 361bid not available yetWaived
12057462017-CP-42-00687Spartanburg, SC8/6/2018245 Waxberry CourtBoiling Springs, SC 293163566 / 237bid not available yetWaived
12063172017-CP-42-02112Spartanburg, SC8/6/2018205 Old Woodruff RoadGreer, SC 296512624 / 803bid not available yetWaived
12198822017-CP-42-03278Spartanburg, SC8/6/2018110 Red Fieldstone CourtInman, SC 293492219 / 850bid not available yetRequested
12213312017-CP-42-03265Spartanburg, SC8/6/2018584 Wilkins RoadCampobello, SC 293222860 / 798bid not available yetWaived
12146122017-CP-38-00863Orangeburg, SC8/6/20182108 Addidas StreetEutawville, SC 290481100 / 199bid not available yetRequested
12371932018-CP-42-00997Spartanburg, SC8/6/2018339 Collin Rogers DriveMoore, SC 293693807 / 919bid not available yetWaived
12320332018-CP-43-00079Sumter, SC8/6/20183075 Joyce StreetSumter, SC 291541223 / 2843bid not available yetWaived
12309092018-CP-43-00024Sumter, SC8/6/2018400 Pitts RoadSumter, SC 29154Volume 684 / 1430bid not available yetWaived
12303512018-CP-43-00010Sumter, SC8/6/20183705 Brandon CircleSumter, SC 291541210 / 4316bid not available yetWaived
12383742018-CP-42-01094Spartanburg, SC8/6/2018408 Pisgah LaneInman, SC 293495269 / 394bid not available yetWaived
12271142017-CP-43-02083Sumter, SC8/6/2018321 Pack RoadSumter, SC 291501072 / 100bid not available yetRequested
12290182017-CP-44-00494Union, SC8/6/2018130 Springdale DriveUnion, SC 29379260 / 371bid not available yetWaived
12378652013-CP-45-00453Williamsburg, SC8/6/2018801 Woodland DriveKingstree, SC 29556156 / 13bid not available yetRequested
12351272018-CP-46-00581York, SC8/6/2018720 Knots Landing DriveClover, SC 29710Volume 11104 / 218bid not available yetWaived
12205352017-CP-46-02890York, SC8/6/20182134 Spencer RoadSmyrna, SC 297436847 / 275bid not available yetRequested
12275512018-CP-46-00257York, SC8/6/2018630 N Jones AveRock Hill, SC 297304334 / 143bid not available yetWaived
12279092018-CP-46-00012York, SC8/6/20186 Turtle LaneLake Wylie, SC 29710Volume 9385 / 173bid not available yetWaived
12324682018-CP-40-00741Richland, SC8/6/2018106 Dundee LaneColumbia, SC 29203R 1553 / 3217bid not available yetRequested
12326162018-CP-40-00684Richland, SC8/6/2018108 Birch Ridge DriveColumbia, SC 29229R 1963 / 1940bid not available yetWaived
12295152017-CP-40-07358Richland, SC8/6/2018218 Brittany Park RoadColumbia, SC 292291903 / 1466bid not available yetWaived
12242722017-CP-40-07230Richland, SC8/6/20186405 Lavender StreetColumbia, SC 292031172 / 1854bid not available yetWaived
11847552012-CP-40-07890Richland, SC8/6/2018112 Clee Hill CourtIrmo, SC 29063-20281230 / 2751bid not available yetWaived
12179622018-CP-21-00035Florence, SC8/7/2018712 King AvenueFlorence, SC 29501B 475 / 682bid not available yetRequested
12286242018-CP-21-00664Florence, SC8/7/2018212 Wildwood DriveQuinby, SC 29506B 405 / 940bid not available yetWaived
11830532013-CP-18-00099Dorchester, SC8/7/2018974 Highway 78Ridgeville, SC 294722557 / 101bid not available yetWaived
12139652017-CP-18-00924Dorchester, SC8/7/2018126 Macallan CourtSummerville, SC 2948310070 / 313bid not available yetWaived
12147432017-CP-18-01044Dorchester, SC8/7/20181113 Homework AvenueLadson, SC 294568909 / 142bid not available yetWaived
12239832017-CP-10-05326Charleston, SC8/7/20184224 Grimke StreetNorth Charleston, SC 294050160 / 176bid not available yetWaived
12088642017-CP-10-01681Charleston, SC8/7/20183400 Fletton WaySummerville, SC 294850281 / 791bid not available yetWaived
12190702017-CP-10-03863Charleston, SC8/7/201823 Carson DriveCharleston, SC 29407P 529 / 637bid not available yetWaived
11597012015-CP-10-02837Charleston, SC8/7/20182501 Deer Walk WayMount Pleasant, SC 294660215 / 055bid not available yetWaived
12352582018-CP-04-00399Anderson, SC8/7/20181271 Cannon Bottom RoadBelton, SC 296277422 / 1bid not available yetRequested
12304182017-CP-04-02630Anderson, SC8/7/2018309 Dunhill DriveAnderson, SC 2962512075 / 00048bid not available yetWaived
11964922016-CP-04-02832Anderson, SC8/7/2018102 Misty LaneBelton, SC 296272298 / 113bid not available yetWaived
12371162018-CP-01-00102Abbeville, SC9/4/2018394 Old Vienna RoadAbbeville, SC 2962017-L / 187bid not available yetRequested
12306382017-CP-07-02694Beaufort, SC9/4/2018230 Buck Island Road (a/k/a 6 James Gadson Drive)Bluffton, SC 299102607 / 1828bid not available yetWaived
12316182018-CP-07-00078Beaufort, SC9/4/20185 Spruce DriveBluffton, SC 2991002387 / 413bid not available yetWaived
12264152017-CP-07-02289Beaufort, SC9/4/201811 Stuart StreetSeabrook, SC 299402291 / 1499bid not available yetRequested
12275812017-CP-07-02470Beaufort, SC9/4/201825 Caswell AvenueBeaufort, SC 299023378 / 10bid not available yetRequested
11909842017-CP-07-01113Beaufort, SC9/4/2018166 Westbury Park WayBluffton, SC 2991002124 / 1690bid not available yetWaived
11586052018-CP-07-01041Beaufort, SC9/4/201872 Red Cedar StreetBluffton, SC 299102326 / 1889bid not available yetWaived
11747742016-CP-07-00318Beaufort, SC9/4/20184 McIntosh RoadHilton Head Island, SC 299263188 / 1377bid not available yetWaived
11888302017-CP-07-00652Beaufort, SC9/4/201857 Rugrack RoadBeaufort, SC 299061929 / 797bid not available yetWaived
12360962018-CP-07-00515Beaufort, SC9/4/201831 Zubler StreetBluffton, SC 299092312 / 360bid not available yetWaived
11848362014-CP-10-00689Charleston, SC9/4/20183998 Niagara StreetNorth Charleston, SC 29405E292 / 297bid not available yetWaived
12175802017-CP-10-04109Charleston, SC9/4/20181143 Hamlin RoadMount Pleasant, SC 29466C 465 / 190bid not available yetRequested
12028102017-CP-11-00116Cherokee, SC9/4/2018508 West Carlisle StreetGaffney, SC 29341821 / 204bid not available yetRequested
12292012018-CP-16-00058Darlington, SC9/4/2018445 East McIver RoadDarlington, SC 295321056 / 409bid not available yetWaived
12308412018-CP-11-00040Cherokee, SC9/4/2018923 Highway 11 EastChesnee, SC 29323Volume 87 / 2989bid not available yetRequested
12367362018-CP-14-00184Clarendon, SC9/4/20181129 Margaret DriveSummerton, SC 29148755 / 218bid not available yetWaived
12165142018-CP-15-00256Colleton, SC9/4/201899 Elmwood StreetWalterboro, SC 29488Volume 1604 / 100bid not available yetWaived
12037512017-CP-16-00120Darlington, SC9/4/20182329 East Old Camden RoadHartsville, SC 295501047 / 5746bid not available yetWaived
12290712018-CP-16-00043Darlington, SC9/4/2018213 D AvenueDarlington, SC 295321047 / 7673bid not available yetWaived
12269252017-CP-17-00573Dillon, SC9/4/20181536 West Main ExtensionDillon, SC 29536668 / 115bid not available yetWaived
12292952018-CP-21-00231Florence, SC9/4/2018417 Peatree CourtFlorence, SC 29505B 300 / 993bid not available yetRequested
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